Roy Sekoff

If David Sedaris, Chelsea Handler, Larry David, and Caitlin Moran had the unlikeliest orgy in history, the resulting love child might one day write a book like this one.

“Although he’s generally agreeable, Roy Sekoff lacks self-control.” Or so proclaimed his kindergarten teacher.

Thus pigeonholed, Sekoff spent the next several decades proving her right, gathering many outrageous, sometimes raunchy, occasionally moving, always hilarious stories along the way. From a teenage pilgrimage to a Times Square porn superstore to life-changing experiences with high colonics and psychic readings to his tenure as founding editor of the Huffington Post, Lacks Self-Control is an uproarious testament to his unwavering commitment to overshare.

Told with zinging wit and zero propriety, Sekoff’s collection of true tales—caroming between his Miami childhood, overstimulated adolescence, and celebrity-adjacent adulthood—showcases his caustic yet surprisingly sweet sense of humor. Whether he’s describing a youthful encounter with a killer crocodile, an ill-fated attempt to make off with a tissue containing Oprah’s tears, or that time Chevy Chase grabbed his balls at a funeral, Sekoff is a lively, irreverent raconteur whose sharp observations wring laughs out of a ludicrous yet relatable life.

I’ve read worse.
— Larry David

“Deranged . . . and really funny.”

— Adam McKay


“A modern Portnoy’s Complaint, only WAY funnier!”

— Jay Roach


“Super entertaining. Reading this book will add years to your life!”

— Person with Zero Medical Training